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Katsucon 2011

Katsucon was amazing!! I had a blast and discovered a new fav band, Clockwork Dolls. YUM! All the steampunk panels were fantastic and the lolita fashion show went off without a hitch.

DAY 1 - Kuro Lolita
Friday was GORGEOUS! The weather was in the 60's and 70's. I loved being outside, it was a shame that the con had no windows to open.  I went to the Clockwork Dolls' Q&A and their concert that night, spent most of the day running around the artist ally and dealer's room. The rave sucked a whole lot of something and I left after 5 minutes.



Headbow/Wrist Cuffs - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Necktie/OTK Socks - Alice and the Pirates
Blouse - Bodyline
Necklace/Skirt  - Metamorphose
Shoes - Offbrand

DAY 2 - Steampunk Lolita
Saturday was colder, but it was the day of the fashion show, the line was apparently insane, I got NO photos because my friends were in it and I had the camera. So I can't wait to see everyone else's photos. I didn't make it into the Steampunk Show and Tell, but I made sure to be the first one in line for the Clockwork Doll's Tea Party, they actually had cookies and tea!

I made the bonnet myself from the headband/visor tutorial with a few steampunky switches since my original hat fell apart. I made it like 2 days before and some of the glue on the brim was still wet when I wore it.

Group shot from the lolita meet up, later that day after the fashion show.

EVERYTHING - Thrifted, Offbrand, or Handmade

DAY 3 - Goth Pirate Lolita
It was even colder and a little less windy on Sunday. Not much to do, but I made SURE to get my hands on a copy of Clockwork Doll's CD. I also found a canon to shoot some photos with!!


With the Beautiful Miss Aimee, Cosplaying the Beautiful Mana, to wrap things up!

I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed the convention! More photos can be found on my Facebook, Bu-bye!
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Gothic Lolitas at Dracula's Ball

I was invited to Dracula's Ball in Philly by opiatevampire , Jayne, and I had a blast. ^_^ I totally wore the wrong shoes though, my Aatp OTK socks got ruined when I accidentally stepped in a snow-slush puddle. I'm beginning to hate the winter. T_T Sorry some of the photos are kinda bad, it was either too cold or too dark for most photos.



Flower/Shoes/Purple Coat - Offbrand
Black Pearls - Vintage
Parfait Necklace - yumyumyum 
Blouse/Black Coat - Bodyline
Skirt - Metamorphose
OTK Socks - Alice and the Pirates

P.S. All photos taken by opiatevampire  or her boyfriend Peter, thanks guys. ^_^
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A Very Vintage Find

Today I drove to pick up some friends for their college auditions, I wore lolita to begin with but I never got any photos of it, along the way we stopped for some thrift shopping, and I found this leopard print retro jem! It's a little long, and I think I want to hem it in some cute black cotton lace, ideas on hair too?

As soon as I got home I changed into the OP and spent the rest of the day flouncing around the house.



Headband - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse/Stockings - Off Brand
OP - H&M (apparently)
Necklace - Metamorphose
Boots - AnTenNa
Fur Stole (in 2nd Photo) - Vintage

I also just noticed that the OP straps are removable/have adjustable straps by buttons, like most Brand OPs. ^_^ When I first got the dress I thought it was actually vintage, but apparently it's from H&M. When the hell did they sell this kinda dress!? Awesome. And yes, that is what my house looks like. ^_^

More photos can be found HERE.
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A Fall Day Outting, Roller Skating Too

Today the charm_city_lolis went Roller Skating! After skating we went to a park to take photos before the sun set, and then went for Chinese food for dinner. ^_^ These photos are from the park, Kimmah got some photos from the skating rink, but the shoes didn’t match my outfit. XD
Outfit Shot

Headband - BtSSB
Blouse - Bodyline
Skirt - Metamorphose
Boots - Secret Shop
Purse/Hairbow/Stockings - Offbrand

Make Up

Fall Leaves Action Shot… GO!

Such a pretty sunset!

Simple very pretty fall group photo.
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Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Guro.

Halloween - October 31, 2010

We had a day-time party at Jayne's house, and then I had to work later that night. ^_^

Outfit shot from the party... OMG I love my hair, it took me almost a whole hour to do my hair and make up and I love it! I've wanted to do my hair like this for forever and never thought I could. I want to do it like this more often!

Driving Lolita is Driving. Also a make up and hair shot. XD

AND this is me at work! I was a cocktail waitress for the bartender, I work at Joe's Crab Shack. Since most people didn't know what Guro Lolita was, and looked at me like I was an idiot when I told them what I was, I just said I'd gotten into a fight with a lobster, or that I was a zombie bride, since it's a seafood restaurant.

I got a lot of comments/complaints about the color of my blood. And I wanted a candy apple red color because I didn't want to come off too gory, I wanted to be as cute as possible! Once I explained that to people and then they totally understood and most even agreed. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed my outfit. ^_^

BONUS Group Shot (Space was a little limited so crazy wide angle shot!)
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Shameless Plug - Strawberry Sweet Forums

So I've been working on this new thread since the Vivcore Forums closed. I've got a good few starting members but no one posts ever! Anyone have suggestions to get people interested? I already have games and a lot of different areas to post, I have a section for personal style threads a lot like daily_lolita  but with more freedom to post non-lolita outfits too. I check up on the forum almost twice a day to just keep an eye on it.

Strawberry Sweet A forum for Lolitas of all shapes, sizes, colors, and laces.

Click the forum banner to be linked to the forum for fun and merriment!

I hope everyone enjoys my forum! It's a group effort to keep the forum up and going, I can only post so much until I'm talking to myself. T_T And I'd rather not start seeing a therapist for that one. Haha!
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Not Lolita, But I Love It

So today was amazing, sadly enough this is the last weekend of ren faire for the 2010 season but that's okay. Earlier today I got my DREAM ren faire outfit and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to show it off. It cost a pretty penny, so lets just say I could have bought one of my dream Alice and the Pirates JSKs or OPs for the same price. T_T I'm a terrible person.

Dancing pants Cashew!

My makeup had all worn off by the end of the day.

Necklaces! My newest addition is the necklace with the Flur!

The bodice, matching belt, skirt, and matching armbands!! I LOVE IT!!

The belt was overpriced but so ornate and I had to get it to match the outfit!

I hope you enjoyed my outfit! I should have better photos tomorrow, I'll be wearing it all day at ren faire tomorrow too!!
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Guro Lolita - In the Making Part 2

So this is a continuation of the shiro Bodyline outfit I posted a few days ago. ^_^ I'm so excited and I can't believe it took me this long to paint the dress.

Rundown... everything is bodyline! Materials used are two types of Tulip brand fabric paint, one in a spray bottle, and a fabric paint paintbrush. Total time, about 30 minutes. Easy! right? Cha!


Dress Detail.

Headdress. (I started on the headdress to get a feel for the paint spray bottle!)

Since I never wear white I even splattered "blood" on the shoes.

Bow detail.

Now I'm just waiting the 4 hours for it to dry before I can try it on.

Future tips...

#1 - Wear gloves.
#2 - Put something inside the dress to keep it from bleeding to the other side. I splattered blood on all sides so it doesn't matter.
#3 - Taking pictures? Keep your camera away from the paint. >_<