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Gothic Lolita - Saturday June 11th, 2011

June 9th was my birthday and I had a blast, so I was very excited to get out of the house the weekend of my birthday and just have some good fun with my frilly-bitches! ^_^

I had a blast at the md_grandeur swap meet!! We went to a french pastry shop where I tasted my first fresh macaroons! Absolutely delicious. It was hot as hell outside and I wanted to cry. We went from the bakery to a small park a few blocks away for the swap meet and found nice little spots under the trees.

I ended up trading a Baby bonnet for a Meta OP, sold a handmade skirt and an AP necklace and bought a Meta blouse. So it was a good haul for me. Whatever I didn't sell is following me to the Otakon swap meet. ^_^

Necklace - yumyumyum 
Blouse - Bodyline
Skirt - Bodyline
Boots - Demonia
Wrist Cuffs - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Candid photo bombing moment with Olivia.

Group shot on the playground in the park where we had the swapmeet! Everyone looked so lovely even though it was so stupid hot out. ^_^

All Photos Taken By (c) Kimmah Whitemage cholerickimmah 

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