Fishies G0 Pook (fishiesg0pook) wrote,
Fishies G0 Pook

Guro Lolita - In the Making Part 2

So this is a continuation of the shiro Bodyline outfit I posted a few days ago. ^_^ I'm so excited and I can't believe it took me this long to paint the dress.

Rundown... everything is bodyline! Materials used are two types of Tulip brand fabric paint, one in a spray bottle, and a fabric paint paintbrush. Total time, about 30 minutes. Easy! right? Cha!


Dress Detail.

Headdress. (I started on the headdress to get a feel for the paint spray bottle!)

Since I never wear white I even splattered "blood" on the shoes.

Bow detail.

Now I'm just waiting the 4 hours for it to dry before I can try it on.

Future tips...

#1 - Wear gloves.
#2 - Put something inside the dress to keep it from bleeding to the other side. I splattered blood on all sides so it doesn't matter.
#3 - Taking pictures? Keep your camera away from the paint. >_<

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