Fishies G0 Pook (fishiesg0pook) wrote,
Fishies G0 Pook

DS/DT : Secret Shop, Algonquins, Bodyline, Offbrand, Punk Rave

~*~ The Technical Stuffz ~*~
+ All items are shipped USPS, and I only take Paypal, Paypal fees are included.
+ All prices are in USD and include shipping within the USA with TRACKED SHIPPING.
+ I ship from Maryland, USA. Priority goes to US residence, shipping out of the country is costly, sorry.
+ If you feel a price is unreasonable feel free to haggle. I'd prefer a trade, I MIGHT be able to do a partial trade, if I'm really interested.

Feedback - +16 -

FOR SALE OR TRADE! Preferably trade. (Nothing pink! Black, goth, and pirate preferably.)

Algonquins Plaid Skirt - $50 or open to trades, another skirt?

Recommended for a size medium, anywhere around a 27inch waist, tied with a drawstring. It's a great SUPER COMFY skirt just not my style anymore.

Black Velvet Top Hat (Tall Toad Brand)- $60 or open to trades.

Tall Toad Website -
Hat size 7, Medium. Around 22inches around the head, can be stretched a little.
Only worn around 2 maybe 3 times, I just don't have the right face for a regular sized tophat.

Punk Rave Pants - $40 or open to trades.

Probably around a size 4-6. They were bought for my girlfriend and don't fit her.

White Bodyline Blouse - $35 or open to trades, another blouse in black? ON HOLD

Damage from Extra button sewn on inside -
Size medium blouse, it's just not my style anymore. VERY slight discoloration around the neck with a spot on the side from an extra button sewn on the inside of the blouse, you can't see it when you wear a skirt over it.

Secret Shop Black Slingbacks - $60 or open to trades, shoes?

Around a size 7 1/2, but since they have an adjustable back it can vary a little, short/medium sized heel. I love the pearls on the sides but it just doesn't fit my style right now. You can see the slight scuff marks in the 2nd photo.

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