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Victory for Victory Rolls!

My first attempt at Victory Rolls!! What cha think!? A little messy but I just need to practice. I think it'd look crazy cute with lolita. ^_^ Also dyed my hair more blond, and on Sunday I think I'm going two tone with brown on one side. ^_^ Excited? I am. P.S. Yes that is my GodDes n She tshirt. ^_^

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New Developments

I've been working hard lately, I'm trying to save for new tires like a good girl, and then 2nd on my list is to save for a credit card, I've tried like 10 pages and gotten denied from them all, so my last option is what my bank offered me, I give them $300 to put into an account on hold for X amount of months, after said months I have credit and they'll give me a card! Like magic. I just need the $300 for tires, and then $300 for the credit account... T_T I was HOPING to get a credit card first, buy the tires and then pay it off... but no, I'm not that lucky.

Nikki and I are awesome! It's great to have my best friend back. We might not be dating, but I'm okay with that, I'd so much rather have her as a friend then a girlfriend, she was right when she said our lifestyles dont match, and I realize that now. ^_^ ...that and I realize shes way girlier then I thought she was. Hehe!

I have however on the flip side, met a girl. We have a date on Friday and I'm very excited for it. I'll let you know how it goes later. lol Shes taking me to Medeival Times, so it will be a first for me. P.S. my outfit for the date is smoking. I wont post photos now, I dont want the off chance of her seeing it before tomorrow night, but soon. ^_^ So wish me luck! She's a goof ball and I love it, our personalities bounce off eachother really well.

Other then my new piercing and relationship workings, things have been normal, I work, I go to spin class at the gym, I've been listening to a lot of music on my ipod since I dont have a TV and lately I've wanted to keep my space from Nikki so no going down to her room to watch TV... still need a TV... thats probably 3rd or 4th on my list, I dont need anything big or extravagent... I've kinda been enjoying my TV-less lifestyle, hanging out and talking to friends online... I need to get out and enjoy the nice weather though, I keep staring at my bike every time I go to do Laundry... I just dont want to go alone, so I need to find a cycle partner, nothing serious, just trails and paths, fun relaxing riding. ^___^

Gotta go bring home the bacon! Untill laters, keep being you and doing what you do.
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Pierced Again!

Because of all the crappy shit going on in my life right now, I had the need to do something drastic! Tattoo right now is out of reach, too expensive, but $20 piercing? Fuck yes!!

This thing hurt like a bitch! But so totally worth it. Right now it just feels funny... like I have a sticker stuck to my face and I cant touch it. lol The inside keeps catching on my teeth so I'm talking a little funny till the swelling goes down and I can change it to a shorter bar. ^___^ My parents and little sister are going to HATE it. XD ...if they ever notice it. I'm seeing how long I can hold out and NOT post this to FB... but knowing me this is proving really hard. 
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Otakon 2011

I had a lot of fun at Otakon this year, not the best, but not terrible, I'm just sad that I had to miss so much, I didnt make it to either lolita meet up on Friday, missed the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show, and missed both the steampunk and lolita panels. I was in the Sixh fashion show, and I did make it to the BtSSB and AatP show, as well as the VK and Harajuku panel. So all was not lost. Here is what I could round up of my outfits... sadly I didn't take strict outfit photos every day like I'd meant to. T_T Collapse )
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Artscape, Baltimore, MD

Last week was Artscape in Baltimore, MD. Hosted by the famed MICA. I went with a bunch of friends and dressed up in the spirit. Note, this is also around the time the heat wave started, it was around 100 degrees all flipping day. I wanted to die by the time we went home.

Collapse )
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I Wrote A Poem!

I wrote a poem! I'd been wanting to work on my Character Cashew's background story, her entry into Carcosa. And as an added bonus I wrote it as a poem. What do you think? I don't have a title for it yet.

Alone in the forest,
Where she thought nothing dwelled.
She cries for her mother,
With her small hands upheld.
She’s only three years old,
Wrapped up in a basket.
Tears down her face,
Will this be her casket? 

A rustle from the trees,
And her crying is ceased,
This small man flies down,
From the wind in the East.

He’s barely six inches,
With wings all aglow.
He flits around the child,
His face filled with woe.

The small child falls silent,
Her eyes big as the moon.
“Hush little one,”
The fairae man croons.

She’s taken away,
By six or so fairae,
Flown to their Hollow,
At the edge of a prairie.

The human girl grows,
About twenty years now,
She’s stayed in the Hollow,
Stayed where she had vow’d.

Now at the point,
Where she needed to wonder.
She packed up a sack,
Her heart all a sunder.

She left her Hollow,
And her fairae kin folk.
With a heavy heart she left,
Wrapped tight in her cloak.

She travels for days,
As she follows the coast.
Yet her home sweet Hollow,
She misses the most.

All of a sudden,
On the morning horizon.
A city of red,
Looking sullen and wizen.

She feels a small pull,
Through her torso it tugs.
Towards the city,
As if she was drugged.

Unable to turn,
Unable to run,
She wanted to scream,
But the city had won.

“Welcome to Carcosa!”
The gate man had cackled.
She tried to scream,
But the city just crackled.

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A New Phone

I got a new phone and a new number!! My ex girlfriend sucks balls for kicking me off her plan but all for the better!!

I'm off tmobile and back with my true love, Virizon! And I've got a sexy phone, the Android 2 Global. Fuck yeah. All I need is to deco the living hell out of it and get something that allows me to connect cellphone charms... not too hard.

Message me if you need my new number!! ^__^ 
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Word of the Day


Can you guess what it means?

A Bilabial Fricative is the medical term for a queef, a Vaginal Flatulence, it's the vibration of two lips, so technically couldnt it also be a whistle?Try working THAT into your daily vocabulary and see if anyone notices.
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Sunday's Photo Shoot Outfit

A friend of a friend is working on his photography project on Japanese Lolitas on the East Coast and needed models, we agreed to meet him down in Baltimore and take some photos. I dressed warm because it was raining. We ended up going to Mr. Yogato and got frozen yogurt.

They had all sorts of games around, like battle ship and candy land. My favorite was they were playing pictionary on the white erase board, when they were done I made my own picture!

The boots and the skirt were a gift from a friend. The turtle neck is offbrand as well as the tights and necklace, the headband is from Baby.